Keeping you connected whatever the circumstances

Staying connected is critical to the success of your organisation. Using radio communications including Tetra systems, building fully operational data centres and laying fibre optics are some of the key areas we specialise in to make sure that happens.

In desert environments covering large distances, we can provide strong communication infrastructures to keep you connected.

Radio Communications

Two-way radio is an important tool for connectivity with operators, suppliers and contractors within the oil and gas industry. They enable quick decisions to be made, resulting in a more efficient workflow.

Having delivered the largest radio communications project in North and South Iraq, we know what it takes to scope requirements and stay within budget.

Tetra Systems

Tetra systems offer a completely secure, reliable and flexible communications solution. The highly sophisticated network architecture ensures you stay connected without interruptions.
Often companies can be running with several analogue communications systems which can be highly disruptive and unreliable, resulting in staff using mobile phones instead.

Upgrading to a single, digital Tetra system will decrease communication downtime and increase efficiency, productivity and response times, as well as allowing for the use of data applications.

Image credit:  Adambro

Image credit: Adambro

Data Centres

The constant increase in demand for more computing power, to process a growing volume of data, is an ongoing challenge when setting up data centres. There needs to be enough floor space for the increase in computer equipment, along with the right cooling systems; especially important in hot middle-eastern environments.

Each professional within the oil and gas industry requires different types of data, but all need quick access to it. Any lag in accessing this data can increase costs. Therefore the data centre infrastructure must allow each professional to securely access the right type of data at the most critical time they need it.

We work with key partners to manage data centre builds, ensuring your team get access to the right data at the right time. We have facilitated Data Centre builds both in Iraq and outside of Iraq depending on client requirements.

Image credit: Bob Mical

Image credit: Bob Mical

Fibre Optics

Traditional copper wire does not have enough bandwidth to cater for the amount of information and distances needed to cover within the Oil and Gas industry. Fibre optics provide a good solution to this. With their smaller, more compact size, fibre optics are more than capable of serving as a conduit for high volumes of data. Furthermore, with the use of sensing technologies it is possible to track temperature (among other attributes) at multiple points across a piece of fibre. 

Laying down fibre optics is not without its challenges, and working with key partners we can provide solutions to your data needs.

Image credit: Robert disoculated

Image credit: Robert disoculated