Successful delivery of projects is our speciality

Inspiriton Solutions operate with global partners comprising of specialists, engineers and manufacturers in Iraq, Europe and the US to ensure bespoke Energy Technologies, Radio Communications, Monitoring Systems, Pipes, and Oil measuring equipment all work together.

Clients benefit from our expertise in delivering large-scale projects, and a service that is both effective and efficient. We are often able to supply larger Radio Transmission projects at short notice due to our proven expertise in the Middle East.


We have delivered projects in such diverse areas such as Radio Communication, Microwave Installations, Voice and Data Deliveries and Smart Metering. 

Engineering and Radio transmission projects in all parts of the world, including the Middle East, Europe, Asia and the USA. Challenging projects in emerging industries and crisis areas are our specialty.

Managing an international network of specialists, engineers and manufacturers, travelling between the US, UK and the Middle East to ensure bespoke energy technologies, radio communications, monitoring systems, pipe and Oil measuring equipment all worked together.

We were instrumental in building a 200 million plus customer brand from scratch for the UK Goverment.

Our most recent project was delivery of the largest Oil and Gas Telecoms project in the Middle East with a project budget of $800 Million, which we delivered successfully, on target and scope.

Our technical writers contribute  regularly to Telecommunication publications globally, concentrating on the Energy, Oil and Gas sector.


We are participating with Inspiriton Solutions on a major multi million £ radio deployment. The technical skills and attention to detail are exemplary, as well as delivery of outstanding results.
— Arqiva
Inspiriton Solutions provided a a skilled and versatile Project Team at short notice, enabling us to extract the best outcome for our development.
— Elster Metering